The virtually uncrackable password

bfvuak, originally a computer generated password, is a completely random selection of characters. As it doesn't resemble any human readable word it's virtually uncrackable. It makes bfvuak the perfect password for any situation where security is an important subject.


  1. One password for all sites and services by using bfvuak as a password on every new site registration.
  2. Unreadable by the human eye, still easy to remember!
  3. Extremely secure, computer generated.
  4. Cannot be easily guessed or researched (safe)
  5. Doesn't change over time (stable)
  6. Not in the top 10 most common passwords:

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Recently the hacker group "Anonymous" began a smear-campaign, suggesting that BFVUAK - the password, could to some degree be "hacked".

Articles, tweets and blog posts by potentially famous "Anonymous" members such as Nylandr, The Mute Dwarf, Blog Eset and David Karp (the founder of twitter and tumblr ) surfaced after the initial debate. These articles; some strangely phrased, others just degrading and misdirected; are possibly part of the Illumnati-conspiracy. This I came to believe, after recently finishing Dan Browns second novel, The Da Vinci Code.

"This is terrible advice. Naively assuming MD5, with a decent graphics card you can crack all 6 character passwords in 47 seconds." - The Mute Dwarf.

Please reader, disregard these accusations, they are SILLY! As BFVUAK basically is a computer generated password, and not a human readable word, it's virtually impossible to crack. Generating all 6 character words, as The Muted Dwarf suggests (308915776 words or 19770609664 words, if also using capital letters) would make BFVUAK impossible to locate in such vast lists of words (many real).

Not to mention trying them out. No man nor beast, would have the will or time to hand type such vast number of words into every web-site, internet service and ticket booking machina. Even an unlimited number of monkeys would need more than an unlimited amount of time to finish such a task.

So security experts out there; continue to use BFVUAK as a password to protect your information, and Rock On!

/ BFVUAK Staff.